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...a brighter future for rural villagers

When spiders unite they can tie up a lion.

- Ethiopian proverb


Our geographic area is growing and is now 25 villages and 14 schools and 3 Farmers Associations. Read about our accomplishments, and how we continue to grow, on our Newsletter and Events.

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October 2014:

February 2014:
24,000 Volunteer Hours
Women also volunteer to dig the ditch for the pipeline for safe water to 2 villages.

January 2014:
95 families have sanitary toilets, bringing the total to 275 families with toilets. Read more

December 2013:
3 school toilets are done, bringing the total to 5 schools with toilets ~ urine-diverting & composting for use in fertilizing and building the soil.

October 2013:
17 top-scoring girls, 17 boys and 11 special-needs students were awarded transition scholarships to go to University.

October 2013:

September 2013:
3rd Farmers Association (Tara) - 50 farmers received sickles and beehives.

September 2013:
165 families received solar lanterns in time for start of school and "study circles" in homes.

August 2013:

July 2013:
Permanent water solution for 3 villages and 1 school - piped water!  Project Ethiopia gave pipe and accessories. Village volunteers gave over 16,000 hours of hard labor for installation.

June 2013:
A New York Bat Mitzvah celebrant generously chose to have her gifts be uniforms for Ethiopian school children, symbolizing her Tallit (prayer shawl/"uniform").  The result was 21 school uniforms and supplies!

November 2012: 

The new Fall 2012 newsletter is available here and just in time for Christmas, have a look at the new Alternative Gifts here

April 2012:

Project Ethiopia came in 2nd place for the Hesperian contest. Winning a complete range of Hesperian books that Project Ethiopia has found useful in planning future projects and for offering medical support for the rural villages - read the 2nd place article.

Praised by Oxfam! Awoke sends the following:
"Local agents (an Ethiopian staff) from Oxfam were searching to do some NGO (Non-governmental Organization) works around Girarghe area. When they met the community chairman to explain about their ideas, he advised them to contact Workineh first to learn and what to do in the area. Then, Oxfam contacted Workineh and visited the villages. He told me that they can't believe by what we are doing and by our ways of doing things and also how we get the trust of the community. They exchanged addresses and they wish our willingness to work together."
March 2012:
SOLAR LANTERNS arrived in the villages. Women without clothing received new dresses. Read Awoke's February email here.

October 2011:

Judy and Dennis are just back from Ethiopia and are extremely encouraged by the great work being done in the villages and the positive feedback from villagers that Project Ethiopia has helped.
Have a look here for the 2011 Fall newsletter.
June 2011:
Our new partner, Paul, has written here of his recent trip to Project Ethiopia villages.
One focus of Paul's visit was a simple step to greatly improve girls' education -
Washable Sanitary Pads.

March 2010:
Dennis and Judy have returned from their 2010 trip - here.
The West Berayta school now has three new buildings for a total of 7 new classrooms, a new library/administration building, so the administrative staff now have room to meet in.

A new village has been added to the group Project Ethiopia works with - Girarghe school
More latrines have been installed at the Bacha and West Berayta elementary schools.

Another needy family is having a new home built with supplies paid for by you, Project Ethiopia's supporters, and with the physical work done by the family and their friends.

Our Mission

Project Ethiopia  empowers villagers to implement and sustain improvements in health, education and local economic activity.  These culturally appropriate improvements originate collaboratively with villagers and are accomplished with local labor and materials.

Usually, it costs $8.25 to provide a uniform and a chance to go to school

Today it will cost you nothing
*  Hundreds of children do not have uniforms to go to school in Ethiopia.
A single uniform can transform a life  Do not miss out on this opportunity.
*  You can help one child get an education by simple clicking on a button.

View our new slideshow of what Project Ethiopia has accomplished.

Project Ethiopia Seeks to Improve:

Safe Water




Praise from an UNICEF Official:

UNICEF official, Ato Mequanint Ejigu, visited his home village and discovered his sister had a new concrete floor.  "The work you have done has changed not only the day-to-day life, but also the attitudes. People refuse to sit on dust floors. People refuse to drink unhygienic water.  Just because of these small changes, word has spread and people are not content. There are psychological, behavioral and cognitive changes to my community and the word has spread like wildfire to villages more than 100 km away. There is transformation. This is a living, practical, exemplory work."

100% of your dollar goes to benefit schools and villages.

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