• 51 beehives arriving and with the honey extractor create a thriving business
  • Farmers having a look at the modern hives and frames for a better understanding how everything works
  • Traditional beehive - vulnerable to animals raiding it and honey is not clean
  • Lessons on how to mold the combs for the frames

‘BEE FARMING’ SPREADS and helps the farm economy

Every beehive can produce $175 in honey. The honey in the Dangla area is in high demand. Project Ethiopia gave 101 beehives (to 50 Farmers’ Association members) and many other farmers purchased beehives. All farmers are welcome to use the 2 centrifuges, 2 honey comb makers and embedders.

Seed loans can be paid back with money from honey sales so that crops do not need to be sold immediately and can be sold later when prices are higher.

More beehives are needed – will you help?