Fundraising Event

August 21, 2015

Join Global Vocalist Gina Salá and her wonderful band as she brings a celebration world music and chants in support of Project Ethiopia at the Amazing Grace Spiritual Center in Seattle, Washington. The proceeds from this benefit will support the work being done by Project Ethiopia.

Fall 2014 Newsletter

The SUCCESS of your dollars is measured: villager volunteerism, access to education, girls’ education, acceptance of latrines. Read about the BIG picture of what your money has accomplished by clicking here.

Why Project Ethiopia Succeeds

November 2014

Awoke Genetu in response to an article in the New Republic Nov 17, 2014 by Michael Hobbes: Stop Trying to Save the World – Big ideas are destroying international development

Safe Water

February 2014

Women also volunteer to dig the ditch for the pipeline for safe water to 2 villages.

Sanitary Toilets

January 2014

95 families have sanitary toilets, bringing the total to 275 families with toilets. Read more