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Wells and Piped-Water Systems

Only 31% of rural Ethiopia has safe water*

Thanks to Your Generous Support:

 6 Schools have safe water:
Piped Water
3 Villages have safe water (wells):

Before the well, the children and villagers used to get all their water from this stream.

Waterborne diseases cause 80% of illnesses and death in the developing world

In Ethiopia 230,000 children under 5 die every year from diarrhea

To see what Project Ethiopia has accomplished so far with the school and village wells - click here

*    WHO. Report of the Joint Government of Ethiopia
**Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council website

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" -

Nelson Mandela

100% of donations benefit Ehtiopian children and their families

Project Ethiopia has 501(c)(3) status

Judy & Dennis pay for all administrative and travel costs.

We buy local & hire local to benefit local economy

Recommended basic water requirement for drinking, bathing, sanitation services and food preparation is 12 1/2 gallons per person per day.

Average Ethiopian use: 2 1/2 gallons
Average U.S.A. use: 176 gallons

    "All peoples, whatever their stage of development and their social and economic conditions, have the right to have access to drinking water in quantities and of a quality equal to their basic needs"
                - United Nations Water Conference, 1977

Why Promoting Hygiene Matters:

Safe Water = significant reduction of waterborne diseases, 6% to 25% of diarrhea
Safe Water = ability to wash face and hands = significant reduction to trachoma

For as little as 7 pennies, you can help!

Safe Water

When spiders unite they can tie up a lion

- Ethiopian proverb

Project Ethiopia  c/o Interfaith Community Church 1763 NW 62nd Street, Seattle, WA 98107

Project Ethiopia has 501(c)(3) status so US donations are tax deductible.

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